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本文转自《Business Green》发表的题为“CCS 'milestone': Norway agrees backing for carbon capture, transport and storage projects”的报道。


Government announces NOK 80m additional funding for 2018 to cover studies of CO2 transport, storage and up to two capture facilities


The global carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector has secured a vote of confidence from the Norwegian government, which today announced £7.35m of new backing for demonstration studies on how to capture, transport and store carbon dioxide from a cement factory in Brevik.


Publishing its much anticipated assessment of plans for a full-scale CCS demonstration project that would eventually see CO2 captured at industrial sites in Norway and then transported for storage under the North Sea, the government today agreed to commit an additional 80m krone (NOK) towards engineering and design studies in 2018.

政府今天发布了对CCS全面示范项目计划的预期评估,该项目最终将在挪威的工业基地捕获二氧化碳,然后运输到北海海域进行储存,政府今天同意2018年再向挪威提供8000万克朗(NOK) 用于工程和设计研究。

It means the total 2018 government funding for the CCS project in 2018 amounts to 280 million NOK, including funds transferred from 2017, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy explained. The funding will cover studies of CO2 transport, storage, and up to two capture facilities.


However, having weighed the costs of investing in CCS against other climate measures, the Ministry warned that climate mitigation measures would have to be met within a tighter scope in budgets in the years to come.


Norway and its state-owned CCS company Gassnova have over the past two years been assessing three potential industrial sites from which to further develop technology with the aim of bringing Europe's first full CCS value chain - covering capture, transport and storage - into operation by 2022.


Of the three potential sites, the government has agreed to fund further studies at cement maker Norcem's factory in Brevik, but decided against continued studies of carbon capture at Yara's ammonia plant in Porsgrunn.

在三个潜在的地点中,政府已同意资助水泥生产商Norcem在 Brevik的工厂进一步开展研究,但决定不再继续研究 Yara在Porsgrun的合成氨厂的碳捕获。

For the Fortum Oslo Varme waste-to-energy facility, meanwhile, the government said it would undertake further assessments before deciding on whether to offer continued support and take it forward to the next stage.

同时,对于Fortum Oslo Varme垃圾焚烧发电厂,政府表示将在进一步评估之后决定是否继续提供支持并将其推向下一阶段。

Once the FEED - front end engineering and design - studies announced today have been completed, the government and companies involved will then make a final decision by 2021 on whether to invest in fully developing the CCS pipeline project.


Minister of petroleum and energy, Terje Søviknes, described today's announcement as a "milestone" for Norway's CCS aspirations. "I am very pleased to announce our continued commitment to CCS, although many issues remain to be resolved through FEED to bring forward reasonable cost estimates and contribute to global knowledge dissemination and technology development," he said.

石油和能源部长TerjeSøviknes将今天的宣布形容为挪威CCS愿景的“里程碑”。 “我非常高兴地宣布我们继续致力于CCS,尽管许多问题仍有待通过FEED解决,以提出合理的成本估算,并有助于全球知识传播和技术发展,”他说。

Noting that the global cement industry is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, the government concluded in its assessment that Norcem had "demonstrated project execution abilities and relatively low cost per tonne CO2 captured compared to the other two capture projects".


But it said Yara's ammonia facility had "smaller learning potential compared to the two others, and some uncertainties concerning the plant", adding that it "does not make sense industrially to continue the planning of their plant".


It also raised concerns over Fortum Oslo Varme's bid - citing higher potentially higher costs and the waste plant's proximity to Oslo - although it is now assessing updated information recently provided by the company before it makes final a decision.

它还引起了对Fortum Oslo Varme投标的担忧 - 以更高的潜在成本和废弃工厂与Oslo的接近为理由 - 虽然它现在正在评估公司最近提供的最新信息,然后才做出最终决定。

While Norcem and potentially Forum Oslo Varme are developing the CO2 capture end of the project, oil giants Statoil, Total, and Shell are cooperating on developing the transport and storage end of the CO2 pipeline.

尽管Norcem和潜在的Oslo Varme正在开发该项目的二氧化碳捕集,但石油巨头Statoil,Total和Shell正在合作开发二氧化碳管道的运输和储存。

The Norwegian government warned today that bringing the full CSS project into operation would be a costly exercise without support from the companies involved and cooperation with the EU. "Without considerable support from other sources it will be challenging to finance a demonstration project for CO2 capture and storage in Norway," it said. "It is a prerequisite that the companies involved take a share of the costs and risks in the project. Further, it will be necessary to establish a cooperation to support the project, for example with the EU."

挪威政府今天警告说,如果没有相关公司的支持和与欧盟的合作,全面的CSS项目投入使用将是一项代价高昂的工作。 “如果没有其他来源的大力支持,为挪威的二氧化碳捕集和封存示范项​​目提供资金将是一项挑战,”它说到。 “这是涉及公司分担项目成本和风险的先决条件,此外,有必要建立合作关系来支持该项目,例如与欧盟合作。”

Trude Sundset, CEO of Gassnova, welcomed the government's decision to take the CSS pipeline project to the next stage, pointing to the importance of the technology for Norway and the rest of the world meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Gassnova首席执行官Trude Sundset对政府决定将CSS管道项目推向下一阶段表示欢迎,并指出该技术对挪威和世界其他地区实现“巴黎协议”目标的重要性。

"We have now reached a level where demonstration of capture and storage of CO2 on an industrial scale is a natural next step," said Sundset. "If we realize the Norwegian full-scale project, this can also help reduce economic, technical and regulatory barriers to subsequent projects around the world."

Sundset说:“我们现在已经达到了在工业规模上捕集和储存二氧化碳的示范性,可指导下一步工作。” “如果我们意识到挪威的全流程项目,这也可以帮助减少世界各地后续项目的经济,技术和监管壁垒。”

Clearly concerns pervade within the Norwegian government over the potential high costs of investing in developing CCS. However, before making its final investmnet decision in 2020-21, Norway will have to weigh up whether the climate costs of not developing carbon capture technology could in fact be much higher.

挪威政府内部明显担心投资开发CCS的潜在高昂成本。 然而,在2020-21年做出最终的投资决定之前,挪威将不得不衡量,不开发碳捕集技术的气候成本是否实际上可能会高得多。



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